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Dan: The best part of that was that I said to Emma, “Are you okay?” and Rupert goes, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

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Richard Harris: I read the scenes with them and they read back and when we had finished the reading, the little boy, who plays Ron Weasley, turned to me and said, “Mr. Harris?” and I said, “Yes?” “That was quite a good reading. I think you’ll be quite good in this part.” An eleven year old, can you believe it?

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This is the final installment, on a scale of 1-10, how sad are you to be leaving?
Matthew: 6 and a half.
Rupert: Oh, definitely 9.
Tom: Let’s go to..9. 9 on the sadness scale because we’re still a bit excited about it.
Emma: I would say 10. A full on 10, absolutely!
The other boys are like “6 and a half”!
Emma: WHAT?
One of them actually said he was relieved.
Emma: NO!

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Ron is not a big fan of HarMione pairing

someone: Who’s this standing right next to you?

Emma: Come on! Get my name right!

Emma: Don’t do this to me! What’s my name? He doesn’t know my name! What’s my name Rob?

Rob: That’s-that’s-that’s- that’s that one.

Emma:That’s that one?’ That’s plain rude!

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too much sexyness

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