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My favorite snack ever. Blame this for making me fat. Ugh. Its so hard to lose weight after all this shiz. :| 

My favorite snack ever. Blame this for making me fat. Ugh. Its so hard to lose weight after all this shiz. :| 

Seriously? I been waiting to get access to Pottermore for like ever and I get this??? WHERE IS JUSTICE? :(

You don’t know how much this feeling kills me. I keep on telling myself not to think about you but I can’t force myself to do so. In the past few days, you kept on checking up on me. How can I not hope that this will lead into something? Something more? Please, if we don’t think the same that this certainly has a meaning, then please stop talking to me, stop communicating with me, please, back off. I don’t wanna hope into something that isn’t going to happen. Please… let me move on. Let me live my life without you. It may be very hard but at least, I’m doing myself a favor. I am doing something right. As much as I hate saying this but I guess by moving on, I am doing something good, something worthwhile.

I love you so much.

If you only know how much i love you i guess you’d think twice and you would never have left me. You have no idea how much it hurt me when you decided to leave me and you have no idea how much my heart and feelings died as I let you go a year ago. It was the hardest thing that I could ever have endured. When you’re around, my heart beats twice as fast the normal beat, my world stops as I look at you and my world had fallen when I saw you not looking back. I have goosebumps when the distance between us is too little and I smile when I relive the days that were still together. You had no idea how much I suffered after we ended. I tried very hard to stand up but I guess I never really can. My insides are shaking and dying whenever I find out that you’re having fun, having the best times of your life after we parted. It hurt so much that I can barely think right, I am always not myself, I always cry at night. It hurt me when I realized that you’re happier without me, that your world is better when that I’m no longer in your life. I wish I can say that I’m happy for you, but I can’t. I wish I can say that you’re better off without my presence but I can’t. I wish you’d never have left me. Maybe I won’t be this broken, this incomplete if you still chose to stick with me. my world would have been all rainbows because everyday with you is always Valentine’s day, everyday with you is all smiles even if we fight. Those moments with you will never be replaced by anything. Those are the most precious things in my life. It’s just too sad that I can never live it again. I wish we were forever. But I guess, forever does not exist. And we will forever be worlds apart from this day forward. All I’m wishing you now are all those things that I hope I can wish for you a year ago. I wish you happiness and contentment. Though we never lasted, it was still a perfect one year and nine 9 months because I was with you, you were with me, we were together and at least in that moment, we thought we’re going to make it through forever. I love you so much but I have to let you go. I need to let you go. Goodbye.

Wake up at 11am.

Log in to Tumblr.

Eat at 11:30 or 12nn.

Read a good book at 1pm.

Sleep at 2pm.

Eat again.

Watch a movie.

Internet again.

Eat dinner.


Sleep at 2am. 


Sunday Morning - Maroon 5

My all-time favorite Maroon 5 song! <3

Flashback to High School. God, I must be dreaming! Hahaha